New Year, New Restorations!
January 7, 2019

Work continues on our building in the new year as demolition progresses to our west. The restoration scaffolding has been moved around to the rear of our building and they reenforce that wall (which many will recognize as the ‘front’ of the Main Dining Room). The demolition process is nearing completion as the final bricks […]

Demolition Days
December 3, 2018

The demolition of the old buildings to our west has started! This full-scale demolition is a critical step in clearing the way for the new sleek, modern office building. The demolition process will last until the end of February 2019 & will fully open up the west-side of our heritage building for renovations and restorations. […]

West Wall Restoration
November 1, 2018

Work has begun on OUR BUILDING! Our west wall is being shored up and preserved as the the as the demolition continues on the the buildings to our west.

Facade Preservation
September 3, 2018

September 1st, 2018 – The preservation of the historic Victoria Row facade has been a priority since the construction began next door.

A New Chapter
August 1, 2018

August 1st, 2018 – August ushers in a new chapter for the Albany Club’s distinguished history book. As our neighbours begin their impressive new development, we prepare for a host of enhancements to the club for our members.

Established 1882