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Bring in the Boiler

October 1, 2019

Just under 20 years ago, the board had approved the replacement of the heating boiler under the leadership of John Tory who was Club President at that time. After two decades of service it was time to replace the old heating boiler affectionately called the “John Tory Boiler” and replace it with a more efficient heating system. 

Above – Old Boiler before and after it was removed

We installed two heating boilers each of which can supply about 60% of the required heating for the building so that if one malfunctions the other can compensate while the repairs are being done.  We also replaced many of the horizontal steam lines which had developed leaks. The new system is more efficient because the radiators valves are controlled wirelessly with a thermostat in each room.

Above – New Boilers during installation

We now affectionately refer to these new boilers as the John Capobianco boilers, recognizing our current president’s commitment to complete this much needed upgrade.

Above – New Boilers Installed

The work was completed under the supervision of the Dalton Group and the professional work of Kelson. The project took several months and was completed in late September 2019 – Just in time for the cold weather.

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