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If you are simply curious about whether the Club is right for you

Please email our Membership Director, Hugh Critchley. He will be happy to answer your questions, invite you to come to a Club event for free, and help you obtain the references you need should you like to apply for membership.

Benefits of Membership


The Board of Directors has approved a temporary reduction in entrance fees for any new prospective member who joins the Club during the closure. The discount starts at 30% for applications completed before the end of August. For more information, please see the flyer and terms and conditions below or contact Hugh Critchley.

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See more of what the Club has to offer in our digital Lookbook:

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Application Process

  • Prospective Members need to know 3 active club members who agree to endorse their application: a Proposer, a Seconder and a Club Director
  • The brief application form must be filled out and accompanied by letters of endorsement from the Proposer and Seconder, and emailed to our Membership Director
  • The application will be taken to the Membership Committee for review followed by the Board of Directors
  • Upon approval,  they will meet with the Membership Director to finalize their new membership


If you are ready to apply

Please download the Application Form PDF below and scan/email it to our Membership Director, and attach a brief letter of endorsement from your Proposer and Seconder.

Download Application

For more information, please download the following:

Propose a New Member

The policy followed by the Board in considering nominations for Membership is to accept only those nominees who are considered suitable having regard to the character and interests of the Club.

If you would like to Propose a new member, please email our Membership Director, and she will guide your Prospective Member through the application process. Your Prospective Member will need a Seconder and Club Director reference, which she can help you obtain.

Established 1882