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Energy Efficiency at the Albany Club

May 1, 2019

Embracing the opportunity, the Albany Club has undertaken numerous energy efficiency upgrades.

This year marks an important chapter in the Club’s history as we make a concerted effort to improve our energy efficiency. Facilitated by a holistic energy audit, our dedicated board, committees & management have identified areas that one-time capital expenditures will result in significant improvement of energy usage at the club – leading to ongoing cost savings. The improvements that will be completed over the coming years include: upgrading windows, refinishing the roof, modernizing our HVAC system, installing efficient plumbing fixtures, and much more. The Albany Club blog will track these improvements and report as we make progress.

This month, we make the first upgrades – our windows. 

New windows being installed along the south side of the Albany Club

Did you know… the Albany Club has over 300 windows! After decades of wear, many of these windows have chips, cracks and in some cases, holes. Aesthetics aside, fixing these panes and frames will improve the air-tightness of the club, ensuring there is no excess energy used. In addition, most windows are no longer sealed shut, encouraging fresh air to flow through the club (when weather allows). This will drastically improve members & guests experience as the Club will now have even more control of climate, heating & cooling each room much quicker, with no waste.

Before & After of a damaged glass pane being replaced on the 4th floor

New window on the 3rd floor

We can all agree: the fresh coat of jet black paint on the window’s trim is very sleek and added comfort at the Club is a win-win.

This energy efficiency initiative is an ongoing project that will be continually being evaluated as individual projects are completed. We have identified our initial projects to be completed in the near future, but will review the merit of future upgrades on an ongoing basis. Priorites may be shiftted Next on the list of energy efficient retrofits, removing the old AC units!

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