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Plumbing Repairs

April 1, 2021

The pipes running in the basement, running from the kitchen to the front of the building are as old as the building they support. These old glavanized pipeing have been around since the 1800’s and are due to be replaced.
Due to a leak and the club being closed, the timing was perfect to install some 21st century plumbing.

This is a critical step to ensure both preserve the integrity of our historic building, but to also ensure that our Club is able to keep up with the increased usage in the new century! The old pipes was prone to backups and other issues as they slowly corroded and the new piping will eliminate future leaks for some time to come.

The 40+ feet of pipes and connecters being replaced ran from the kitchen connection seen here:

Through the Men’s Locker room and to the front of the building:

You can see the deterioration of these old pipes on full display once they are removed:


The old pipe is all removed and ready for the brand new piping (as seen beside the ditch):

After the new piping is installed the ditch was filled and ready for new flooring.

In the process of replacing the aging piping in the basement, we have uncovered a unique part of the club’s History – original intricate tilework from the turn of the 19th century!
With everything in place, the new tile can be added and the basement renovations are nearly complete.
The new tiles are down and look great. Thanks to the contractors for their hard work in ripping up the floor, fixing the piping and the nice new tile on top.
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