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In with the New

August 6, 2019

The AC got new AC!

Exciting news as the Albany Club’s new Air Conditioning units have been installed! After years of use, we have removed the old unit to make way for a modern efficient system. This system makes large strides to improving the energy efficiency of our Club, part of an important initiative launched earlier this year. The impressive new unit will ensure that members and their guests enjoy climate controlled comfort no matter how hot it gets out! Utilizing the cranes from the 65 King St. E. project, we lifted the unit onto the roof for installation. Thank you to Carterra and PCL for the use of the cranes.

Crane lifting the new unit onto the roof

New rooftop units and ductwork

Inside the building, we have replaced our ‘old guy’, a unit that has seen many humid Toronto summers. This little unit would need to be manually turned off to ensure it got the rest it needed to work the next day. This much needed investment saw the installation of a brand new unit to work in conjunction with .


Old and New interior AC units

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