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Repair & Repoint

April 1, 2019

Extensive restoration work continues on our building, repairing & repointing our aged brick.

Our building has seen over 200 years of Toronto being built around it. After all that time, our bricks have needed repair and replacing regularly. This year we are undertaking an important step to preserve this piece of heritage by repointing the bricks along our roof. 

start of repointing process along the caffolding on the south-side of the Albany Club

Utilizing the latest in revitalization techniques, we are repairing and replacing damaged brickwork using brick of the same age from the demolition next door. This ensures our building only has brick from its original construction and addition (c. 1930’s). Similarly to our walls in previous posts, you can visibly see the difference between the weather black brick and the freshly revitalized beige brick.

‘Scrap Brick’ from the 65 King St. E. demolition, being utilized for our repair


close-up views of the scaffolding & restoration

In addition to the cosmetic improvements, damaged bricks are being repaired or replaced to further reenforce the structure of the club.

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