Resealing the Roof
July 2, 2019

Sleek & Sealed – our roof got an upgrade! Along the rear of our roof, where our AC units are kept, the surface has been slowly declining. With the old AC unit removed, we took full advantage to apply a modern seal to the roof, further improving the energy efficiency of our historic building. The […]

Out with the Old
June 3, 2019

It’s time to say goodbye to our old AC unit to make room for more energy efficient upgrades. In an exciting next step, we have removed the clunky old AC unit off our roof to make way for the modern efficient units. This is the latest initiative to improve the energy efficiency of the building. […]

Energy Efficiency at the Albany Club
May 1, 2019

Embracing the opportunity, the Albany Club has undertaken numerous energy efficiency upgrades. This year marks an important chapter in the Club’s history as we make a concerted effort to improve our energy efficiency. Facilitated by a holistic energy audit, our dedicated board, committees & management have identified areas that one-time capital expenditures will result in […]

Repair & Repoint
April 1, 2019

Extensive restoration work continues on our building, repairing & repointing our aged brick. Our building has seen over 200 years of Toronto being built around it. After all that time, our bricks have needed repair and replacing regularly. This year we are undertaking an important step to preserve this piece of heritage by repointing the […]

New Year, New Restorations
January 7, 2019

Work continues on our building in the new year as demolition progresses to our west. The restoration scaffolding has been moved around to the rear of our building and they revitalize that wall (which many will recognize as the ‘front’ of the Main Dining Room). scaffolding on the south-side of the Albany Club Similarly to […]

West Wall Restoration
November 1, 2018

Work has begun on OUR BUILDING! Our west wall is being shored up and preserved as the the as the demolition continues on the the buildings to our west.

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