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Resealing the Roof

July 2, 2019

Sleek & Sealed – our roof got an upgrade!

The upper roof, south of the patio, has been exposed to the elements for a very long time and we were starting to observe water leaks in the club. The old AC units removed were lifted off the roof using a crane to enable the workers from Bothwell-Accurate to remove the old tar & gravel roofing material. The impressive undertaking saw the removal of the degraded roof surface & the application of a new modified bitumen roof membrane. The storm drains and downspouts were replaced as well as the addition of insulation to further improve the energy efficiency of our historic building.

start of roof resurfacing, and nearing completion

This multi-step project saw the removal the previous tar and tile system, and installation of fresh sealant, a modern waterproofing film, and a hearty weather-resistant finish. This step is critical to the structural health of the club, preventing leaks from the roof, while also greatly improving our energy efficiency.

Tiles being uncovered and removed

 Fresh sealant applied and water proofing film installed

 Final weather-resistant layer being applied

With the roof resurfacing done, we now are preparing to install our new efficient AC unit.

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