Sommelier: Gianmarco Zentena

Gianmarco Zentena has been at the Albany Club for 5 consecutive years working as the clubs Bar Manager. Gianmarco has worked his way through the Wine Spirit Education Trust program completing their first three levels and is looking to challenge the level 4 diploma program in the near future.  He is also a recent graduate of the Canadian Association of Professional Sommeliers; Sommelier Certification program. Gianmarco’s focus at the club is to refresh and revitalize the wine program, bringing in rare wines from around the world as well as coordinating the Albany’s Wine Club program. 

Our Wine Cellar is a world unto itself. Whether you want a locally-grown Riesling or you prefer a high-end Bordeaux, we can satisfy every palate. Club members enjoy the benefit of a flat mark up on most bottles of wine – which is substantially less than comparable high end restaurants in Toronto. Members can also explore wine, through the Club’s frequent tastings & dinner events. 

Our Sommelier, Gianmarco would be happy to help you choose the perfect wine pairing for your lunch or dinner.

Private Wine Purchases

At least twice a year, the Club offers its members the opportunity to purchase privately imported wines – one order is typically an old world selection and the other is a selection from new world wines. The selections change regularly – to offer a variety of wines not available at the LCBO.

Corkage Fee

Members can bring their own wine to the Club and will be charged a corkage fee of $18.

Wine Dinners

We are pleased to organize personalized tastings or paired dinners for your friends, family or business.  The Club also organizes Wine Maker Dinners, featuring owners of well-regarded wineries, throughout the year.

The Wine Appreciation Luncheon Series

For better more than thirty years, Albany Club members have met on the last Friday of each month to savor foods and wines of the world. Unlike other wine groups the emphasis is not upon impressing one another with our knowledge, but rather learning about and tasting wines as they are married with different foods. Members volunteer to organize the menu, select wines, and share their ideas and experiences. The camaraderie that results from this format has encouraged experimentation with different themes. Members are fortunate to be able to work with the excellent staff of the Club who can translate ideas or exotic recipes into truly flavourful and always excellent meals.


Established 1882