New Year, New Restorations

Work continues on our building in the new year as demolition progresses to our west.

The restoration scaffolding has been moved around to the rear of our building and they revitalize that wall (which many will recognize as the ‘front’ of the Main Dining Room).

scaffolding on the south-side of the Albany Club

Similarly to the west-wall, you can visibly see the difference between the weather black brick and the freshly revitalized beige brick.

close-up view of the scaffolding & restoration

In addition to the cosmetic improvements, damaged bricks are being repaired or replaced to further reenforce the structure of the club.

worker hard at work restoring the brick

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Demolition Days

The structure protecting the facade of Victoria Row is in place, and demolition of the buildings to our west is now fully underway

This full-scale demolition is a critical step in clearing the way for the new modern office building. 

the first ‘bite’ out of the building

The large metal structure is drilled 70ft into the ground and completely surrounds the facade. The facade is now elevated and fully supported by the structure.

steel structure supporting the facade

The demolition process will last until the end of February 2019 & will fully open up the west-side of our heritage building for renovations and restorations. 

rooftop view of the steel structure supporting the facade

We thank members for their understanding as they may experience additional noise along the west side of the building during this time. Efforts have already been made to adjust work schedule to limit noise and construction during peak hours.

Interested in learning more?
Contact us to learn more about the project next door, and ongoing revitalization at The Albany Club!

A New Chapter

August ushers in a new chapter for the Albany Club’s distinguished history book. As our neighbours begin their impressive new development, we prepare for a host of enhancements to the club for our members!
The coming months will lay the foundation for decades of growth in our club and in our community. The entire project is vast in scope and only begins with our neighbours’ development. It will enhance how members can access and utilize the club and open a window for our own renovations. Our dedicated board, committees, and management team are working diligently together to leverage this opportunity – from the addition of a direct access underground parking garage to the possibility of a PATH connection. Inside and out, rooftop to basement, we will be infusing fresh new life into our building!

The immediate first steps are the installation of a scaffolding to support the historic facade of old Victoria Row and a covered pedestrian pathway. Once in place, they will begin the demolition of the buildings behind the facade and start the excavation for an impressive new office building.In an effort to continuously improve our commitment to members, it is critical that we share the evolving vision for our future. In the coming months, we will be adding a section to our website to clearly articulate this vision, the progress of this temporary construction, and how it will both benefit and impact our members in the long-term. Stay tuned for more updates as the project progresses.

Watch a video on the 65 King Street East project: