The Pitt Society

Welcome to the ‘Pitt Society’, a club within the Club for our members under 35 years old. Led by a group of young enthusiasts, the Pitt Society throws events geared to younger interests while fostering mentorship and friendships with Albany Club members of all ages. Black-tie dinners in our grand Main Dining Room; casual beers on the Rooftop Lounge; fireside chats; leadership development; and mentoring programs – as well as many networking opportunities – are available for our younger Club members.

The Albany Club is home to many young men and women. A third of our Club members are under 35 and it is the fastest growing segment of our membership.

The Pitt Society is named after William Pitt the Younger. Combining Tory values with a new outlook on politics, Pitt was able to steer Britain through fundamental reforms while simultaneously defending Britain from Napoleon. His conservative values, combined with the ability to examine issues with a new outlook, are the principles reflected in our Pitt Society. 

Established 1882