There’s working hard, and there’s working smart. At the Albany Club, you can do both. Over a Cabernet and perfectly cooked 12oz. bone-in tenderloin, you can relax and let your business ideas flow in total comfort and privacy. It all starts at the door – the concierge greets you by name; the lobby fireplace crackles in the background. With no cell phones or distractions, colleagues feel at ease. Your server brings freshly made espressos while the Cabinet Room is prepped for your afternoon meeting. There’s Wi-Fi on every floor. Down the street, a suite is reserved at the King Edward Hotel for your head of Sales who will spend the night comfortably before flying out of nearby Toronto Island Airport in the morning. All that’s left to do is sit back, enjoy a cocktail on the Rooftop Lounge, and look forward to your visit at our affiliated Club in Dubai.

Established 1882