House Rules + Code of Ethics

House Rules

  • Any complaint by a Club member is to be made to the General Manager.
  • Members and Guests may not take notes or refer to business papers in the Main Dining Room.
  • Members and guests may take notes or refer to business papers in the Tap Room Lounge. Those using substantial amounts of paper are requested to use one of our private rooms.
  • Members and guests are requested to leave briefcases and laptop computers at the Front Desk before entering the Main Dining Room.
  • Smoking is not permitted in the Club
  • Newspapers, books or other articles, that are the property of the Club, are not to be taken from the Club.
  • Members are requested to meet their guests in the lobby or the Tap Room lounge. Non-members are not permitted in the Club unless accompanied by a member.
  • No members shall give and no employee shall receive a gratuity, in the Club.
  • No employee shall be sent out of the Club on an errand by a member or guest.
  • No advertisement shall be displayed on the Club premises without the approval of the General Manager.
  • The privileges extended to any guest may be withdrawn at any time, at the discretion of the General Manager.
  • Members are responsible for their guests. Any damage to Club Property must be paid by the member. The amount to be paid will be determined by the General Manager.
  • Pets, with the exception of working dogs, are not permitted in any area of the Club.

Code of Ethics

The Albany Club has established a business culture built upon the following ethical principles:

INTEGRITY — We are honest and trustworthy in our dealings with other members, guests, co-workers, competitors, investors and shareholders, suppliers and the community. We comply with laws and regulations. Our actions are based upon the highest ethical standards.

PEOPLE — We respect each other and provide equal opportunity to succeed.

ACCOUNTABILITY — We are accountable for our behaviour and actions, and their consequences.

Established 1882