Takeout Testimonials

Here’s what our members have to say about takeout from the Albany Club:


Hi Chef Jay – Lisa and I just wanted to send our thanks for an amazing dinner last week. It helped make the low-key celebration of our 20th anniversary very special, even with the various societal restrictions in place. Thank you to you and your team and thank you for dropping it off at the house.

-G. M.

Chef Jay. The food was fantastic and my family loved it. Thank you again.  

-J. L.

Jay, the parcel was almost too pretty to unwrap. And the contents are wonderful. I love honey, and the oil and vinegar will be put to great use. Everything was wonderful and a real Christmas treat. The very best of the season to you and to your entire team. You have made so many people happy this Christmas!!

-M. C.

The Albany Club’s takeout service has become an essential part of our COVID survival tool kit and has helped save us from our culinary ineptitude and from overdosing on pizza. The quality of food – both the meal kits and the take-out – is first rate. The directions are clear, concise and so simple even a Conservative male can follow them. My wife and I have diametrically different diets and the menu offers enough choice to keep us both happy. The wines on offer pair wonderfully with the food and are consistent with the high standards of the Albany bar. Any problems with the orders have been addressed quickly and completely. And on top of all that it is available for delivery at non-Uber rates. Plaudits to Club management and to Chef Jay and his team for making this service available to the membership. It is worth joining the Club just to get beef brisket. 

-M. P.

Can you please pass on to Jay our congratulations on a spectacular Thanksgiving feast! I have always cooked our family dinner for Thanksgiving but this year decided to order and our family was thrilled – I don’t think I am going to be allowed to cook that meal again any time soon. Everything was delicious and our grown children who are dedicated foodies loved it all… not to mention that there were enough leftovers for a week! Thanks again for doing this – especially on Saturday – and making our Thanksgiving special in spite of the pandemic.
– L. F.
 PS – the Lamb curry pie may be the best thing I have ever eaten…

Hi Jay, I hope that you and your family continue to be safe and well. It’s been a while since I picked up your frozen dinner at the Club. Really enjoyed seeing you and getting caught up.
While we haven’t tried everything, I just wanted to let you know that we really enjoyed the chicken parmesan at our cottage last weekend. Our son-in-law had your butter chicken last night. Afterwards, he sent me an e-mail message letting me know that it was absolutely delicious. I guess that’s “code” for order more!
Personally, I really like the convenience and quality of your frozen food offerings. Having them on hand certainly takes the pressure off of having to cook every night. On days when I find myself busy they are great to have. Trust me, I’ll be a regular customer 🙂 .
– D. M. R.

I took the opportunity to fill my friends’ freezers and mine with the Albany Club’s Frozen Gourmet – Takeout Meals. Some of it didn’t make it to the freezer! The Kansas BBQ Beef Brisket is out of this world, and the Indian Butter Chicken is the best we’ve had in Toronto. We’re eating it up so fast, we’ll have to make another order shortly.
Perfect food for the transition into autumn.
– E. H.
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